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Generative AI

+15 Trillion

We are 12 engineers serving 1 million daily users
Palo Alto, CA

Who We Are

I joined CHAI in 2021 to build an AI Platform. Our team consists of ex Quant Traders and Researchers. The moment our platform reached 100K daily users, we left Cambridge and moved to Palo Alto. We want to build something which has huge impact, and we believe a company is people + culture, this is why we seek to work with exceptional people - Tom Lu

User-Bot Messages
We collected a proprietary dataset of over 4 billion user-bot messages.
Language Models
Compute of +$16 million. We train language models optimized for entertainment.

Careers at Chai
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Chai Platform Ecosystem

+500 k

ChatAI Creators

+4 Million

ChatAI Users


Foundational Model Developers

  • +10 trillion parameters deployed
  • +100 billion messages served